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John Mosbaugh - Editor, Writer and Graphics

John is a San Francisco writer who spends his time producing pornographic puppet shows, writing novels, building large scale art installations and hanging out with Jenny Bird. He'd like to go to Burning Man one day but driving over Donner Pass and hanging out with weird people frightens him. He does, however, like scary clowns and rabbits because they make him happy and fill his heart with joy.

Mtn. Girl (aka Karen Oeh) - Ministress of Propaganda, Writer, Graphics and Cartoonist

Mountain Girl was found on the Playa at the age of five. Discovered by ex-hippie wagon train pioneers all she could say was, "Damn. Those were mighty big goats!" She later grew to become an accomplished horse wrangler and basketball player. After she graduated high school played professional basketball in Italy, before breaking her shins in an unfortunate accident in her hotel room, involving two male waiters, a cocktail waitress from Reno. She now lives 9 months out of the year in the Patagonia outback, writing songs for Barry Manilow and Trent Reznor.

QuasiPseudo - Copy, Layout, Writer and Cartoonist

QuasiPseudo began as a spore drifting towards Earth, pulled by the psychic energy of Ayahuascan chants, ecstatic glossolalia and repeating loops of the Simpsons theme music. He entered the atmosphere along the Pacific coast and was sunsequently breathed in by an unsuspecting human of the “hippie” variety. QuasiPseudo quickly took root within the human’s neocortex, creating a communication line with its native dimension. The human symbiot withstood barrage after barrage of ineffible information to the point of total mental collapse. QuasiPseudo is now a gibbering, drooling fool only let loose from his four padded walls in order to attend Burning Man, and to attempt one last mad break back into his plane of origin.

Francis - Graphics God, Writer

When he's not busy spawning artwork and tweaking imagery for screwball publications, Francis relishes being tugged around the playa on his dirt board, quaffing beer and cradling his love goddess. He often takes a vampiric proclivity towards his waking hours... unless he has an art class or "official" engagement to frequent. Ultimately he will be a celebrated and distinguished artist, and you will wish you had known him back when.

Zarka - Writer, Cartoonist, Liason

Zarka is running for President. Zarka stands for an end to corporate political donations, returning the public airwaves to local public control, energy independence, and end to prosecution of victimless crimes, international justice in the for of the Geneva Convention, the world court and giving more than lip service to treaties with our allies. Zarka believes that corporations are not persons as described in the Bill of Rights, and therefore human health should take priority over corporate health.

Kamakhya Devi - Writer, Cartoonist

Kamakhya Devi refused to give any biographical information whatsoever, outside of screaming, "MORRISON ISN'T DEAD!"

Dragon - Distribution, Wisdom

Dragon is a strange homeless man who wanders the aisle of the Reno Super K-mart, trying to sell people bootlegged Hendrix tapes.

Larry Madill - Contributing Writer, Hollywood Screenwriter

Larry is a refuge from the '70s adult film industry. In his former career Larry, who went by the screen name Dick Biggles, starred in over 200 pornographic films, including "Jizzy Stardust and the Spunkers from Mars" and "Easy, Ride Her". He quit the adult film industry in 1983, claiming, "I love the work, but I really want to direct." Today he makes his living as a under-paid writer, supplementing his income as a cunnilingus instructor at a small Midwestern junior college. He can often by found nights at Bianca's giving lesson for grilled cheese sandwiches and Ecstasy. (And, no, he is not related to Larry Harvey, and, no, he does not find that joke funny.)

Ranger Thumper - Contributing Writer

Decades of desert living helped Ranger Thumper pick up his keen coyote sense, useful in his job as a guard at a military Remote Sensing research station somewhere in Nevada, where he also composes cowboy haiku. An auditory connoisseur, he ofter broadcasts Tuvan throuat music and the quartertonal singing of the south pacific across the open playa. Asked about his name, he says if you scratch him in the right place, you'll see for yourself.

Azrael (aka Gary Montgomery) - Contributing Writer

Azrael used to be known as Lance Ito. Two years ago he decided to change his name and drop out of the public eye. Gary ("Judge" to his friends) spent a year living the Bohemian life, sleeping under Kato Caelin's bed and doing odd jobs, like gerbil grooming and fetish leather model in a small S&M boutique on Melrose. After quitting his last job as a waiter in a gay strip club Gary decided to move to Nevada. Gary currently lives on a small ranch on the outskirts of Area 51 and breeds mutant alien sheep.

  Past Contributors over the years -- Thank You

Jo Nelson, You rock girl. First Mistress Manners and Cover Design, 2000
Wally Glenn, aka Pyro Boy, This year everything wll be different, 2000
Billy Bob, aka Bob Stahl, Resistance is Futeless, 2002


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