Welcome to the Yahoo Education Project, publishers of the number one 'zine in Black Rock City.

It is our mission, in the tradition of great satirists like Jonathan Swift who coined the name "Yahoo", to use humor and satire to inform and influence some of the more vapid and insensitive Yahoos who attend Burningman. They are usually first timers, fresh from the burbs and the malls who have never encountered the concept of free expression or anything truly alternative. They are sometimes a little uncertain how to interact with population of Black Rock City.

The yahoo pamphlet is in no way associated with Yahoo the company. We are using the word Yahoo to call to mind the Yahoos of "Gulliver's Travels" and Jonathan Swift imagined the word "Yahoo" long before there was an internet company who more than likely stole that word without compensating anyone for its use. As Yahoo slowly slides into obscurity and irrelevancy, they are trying to sue anyone and anything on the internet that uses the word "Yahoo" to nickle and dime ANY kind of income to remain solvent. It is a sad legacy for a company that was once a leader in the new frontier of cyberspace and has now mostly fallen into disarray from poor business decisions and is now simply waiting to either be bought or to simply disappear and become but a footnote in the history of the internet. You had a good run, but this site is not about your company. It is actually about something relevant.

In an attempt to get potential and fully bloomed Yahoos to actually read our pamphlet, and since many of them flock to the event because they've heard there are naked girls there, we proudly present:

The Yahoo Education Project's
How to Get Laid at Burning Man

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