• You name your theme camp "Narcs-R-Us" because Chicks dig Cops.
  • Mr. Hand becomes your best friend after chasing naked chicks in the desert for a week.
  • You get to the Burning of the Man early so you can save "seats" for your obnoxious friends.
  • You think "Leave no Trace" means cleaning up all DNA evidence after your "date"
  • You participate by drinking beer, yelling at chicks and complaining that it's too hot!
  • You made your costume all by yourself, but people keep asking, where'd ya buy that University of Nevada t-shirt?
  • You wear a cylume glowstick around your neck at night and diss everyone else for not "participating"
  • You're dumbfounded that people don't pirate vend when there's so much money to be made.
  • You can't go anywhere without your disposable camera...gotta photograph as many naked girls as possible to show your frat buddies.
  • You burn other people's art because after all, isn't burningman all about art and fire?
  • You get mad when told not to drive your SUV in camp because your new car is part of your radical self expression
  • you claim, "I'm not a Yahoo cause I LOOK COOL AND I get tunz of chicks!" But YOUR CAMP LEAVES PLENTY OF TRACES on the playa. Clean up your mess you dirty MONKEY!
  • You consume more beer than water.
  • Your idea of having fun is to sit inside an RV playing video games.
  • You think the best way to pick up a chick is to spike her drink.
  • You think Larry Harvey is Russ Limbaugh's satanic event planner.
Mtn. Girl

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