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From the desk of CEO B.D. Cystem



TO: All Employees
FROM: B.D. Cystem Jr., C.E.O.
RE: Barfup.com Management Training
Series 12.

"Surviving Burningman"

As the final step in your training, we are sending you to the Burningman. Here you will be exposed to the least mainstream elements of our society. The eclectic nature of these artists, nihilists, pagans, punks, hippies, and other "alternative culture" elitists will try your soul. Your job? Learn from them so you may eventually sell to them.

Day One: Setup RV. The wheels are blocked. Camp is ready.
Discussion: What does alternative mean and why are these people so weird?

Bed, napkins, group song, sleep.

Day Two: Venture. Take a walk around the block. Take notes and notice what is going on around you. These people are "free thinking". They are also not productive. Do not interact with them. Take notes or photographs only and return to camp if you have any contact with them.

Shower, Bed, napkins, group song, sleep.

Day Three: Go to the center of the camp and watch the Burning Man burn. Get there early so you can get seats. Bring beverages and a glow stick from the glow stick receptacle. Break the glow stick only when you receive the signal. When the show is over there will be a movement of people running around the burning man. Run with them once and meet at the designated spot.

After the burn your manager will come and you will return to camp.
We will be going out after the Burn to interact and gain insight from the party goers. Do not leave the sight line of your manager. If you get lost, return to our camp immediately.

Bed, napkins, group song, sleep.

We leave at sun up the next morning. Be prepared to take a pop quiz at Reno and save your notes for sharing with the 12- level employees.

Have A good BURN!

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