The Thou shalt nots:

1. Thou shalt not piss, nor shit on the Playa

2. Thou shalt not stare, nor ogle, nor whistle at nude people.

3. Thou shalt not not harass, nor yell, "NICE PUSSY!!! SHOW YOUR TITTIES!!! HOW BIG IS YOUR DICK!!! FINE ASS!!!" at thy fellow campers; unless summoned to do so by thy fellow campers.

4. Thou shalt not blast thy stereo at night when thy neighbor is trying to sleep next to thee.

5. Thou shalt not leave thy cig butts, nor beer bottles, nor plastic baggies blowin' in the wind, nor on the Playa.

6. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors camp space and move onto it without thy neighbor's consent.

7. Thou shalt not steal.

8. Thou shalt not set fire to thy neighbor's camp, nor his/her artwork, nor his wife, nor her husband, nor his/her man servant, nor his/her maid servant, nor his/her oxen, nor his/her SUV, nor his/her tent, nor his/her shade structure, nor his/her ass.

9. Thou Shalt not vend, nor sell thy stuff on the Playa.

10. Thou shalt not play unwanted grab ass.

Larry Madill,
The Giver of The Law.




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