Burning Man Drug Quiz:

1) A sexy young woman approaches you by the porta-potties and hands you a joint. You....

a. Look at her in shock and say, "fuck off"
b. Ask to see a badge because you know that she is really an undercover cop
c. Light the joint and pass it to whoever is around you, including your new friend
d. Politely comment that you don't do drugs, but would be more than happy to share other delights at your camp.
e. None of the above

Correct answer: c or d
The best way to make friends and meet people at Burning Man is to share, be friendly, and participate. A friendly smile will help you meet friends and have a great experience. You don't have to do drugs, but you should be as considerate as possible if someone offers you a treat. Don't be critical or judge others - we're all here to have fun in our own way!!!

2) It is late at night and as you are walking back to your camp, you notice a man passed out near the street. You approach the person and ask if he is okay. You get no response, and notice a syringe on the ground. You…

a. Keep on walking and figure that someone else will find him
b. Ride your bike or walk to the nearest Ranger station for help
c. Scream bloody murder and wake up every camp around you
d. Check his pockets and steal whatever valuables you can find
e. Find a police officer and tell him that someone overdosed on drugs

Correct answer: b
The best case scenario to help someone who has passed out because of a drug overdose or alcohol consumption is to find a Black Rock Ranger. The Ranger HQ is located in Center Camp, and they would be more than willing to help a person in need. There are professionally trained rangers who can appropriately deal with a medical emergency. If you contact a Nevada State peace officer, the person may end up in jail.

3) Because of the strict Nevada drug laws, you decide to leave your stash at home and buy drugs on the playa. A friendly person walks into your camp and asks if you want to buy some acid. You are ecstatic and spend $100 on drugs. After you drop your first hit, you realize that the acid is no good. You…

a. Spend your weekend on a rampage searching for the person to get your money back
b. Sell the acid to another sucker
c. Take numerous hits of acid to see how many you need to get off - one just wasn't enough
d. Use the acid as a trade item to bargain for other drugs
e. Shrug it off and try to find other drugs from friends or neighbors

Correct answer: e
It is best to count your luck and be thankful that you didn't spend more money than you already did. Buying drugs at Burning Man is ify at best, some are good and others are not. You may encounter people who can recommend certain camps or places to buy "good stuff" so it best to hear from others first or try a test sample. Please do not try to sell your crap to another innocent victim. Karma will come back to haunt you!

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