Larry Madill,
The Giver of The Law.




The Thou Shalts:

1. Participate in Burning Man and keep it Holy; blessed shall you be for the rest of thy life.

2. Thou shalt Leave No Trace, and carry away all garbage thyself.

3. Thou shalt drink water, lest ye die like a stupid motherfucker.

4. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

5. Thou shalt read the bulletin boards and newspapers for important information.

6. Thou shalt shalt be polite and friendly.

7. Thou shalt be respectful and courteous to the Black Rock Rangers; they are your friends and mighty kewl motha, too.

8. Thou shalt cover up thy corporate logo, lest Ryder and Budget Rent-a-car become our sponsor.

9. Thou shalt say nice things about the people who wrote this pamphlet.

10. Thou shalt have fun, and boggie-ooggie-ooggie until thy ass cannot boggie-ooggie-ooggie no more.

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