The Yahoo Education Project produces the Yahoo Education Pamphlet whenever we get our shit together. It is our mission, in the tradition of great satirists like Jonathan Swift who coined the name "Yahoo", to use humor and satire to inform and influence some of the more vapid and insensitive Yahoos who attend Burningman. They are usually first timers, fresh from the burbs who have never encountered the concept of free expression and are a little uncertain how to interact with population. Since many of them flock to the event because they're heard there are naked girls there, we figured a pamphlet called How to Get Laid at BurningMan would be a good way to get them to read at least some of it.

In 2000 at least 1000 copies were given out at various theme camps, around the playa and at the greeters station at the gate. The pamphlet returned in 2001 in a limited edition and now in 2002 we're updating the pamphlet to include New Yahoo articles and a few articles to cover censorship at BRC. The pamphlet is free and cannot be sold and can only be reprinted with the expressed permission of the Yahoo Education Project and then with full credit to the writers and creators.

Most of the 2000 Pamphlet is available online at:

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