Don't Get Busted!

In 2000, a number of participants in our Black Rock community were cited or arrested for a variety of misdemeanor offenses. Because the county changed, so did the severity of law enforcement rules and regulations. Whatever the reason; be it asshole cops, intoxicated participants, or people like you and me who just wanna have fun, it will happen!

YOU WILL GET BUSTED AT BURNING MAN if you aren't careful. Heed this advice, then go out and have some fun!

"I really need to pinch a loaf, but the porta-pottie lines are too long. Oh well, I'll just take a dump on the playa and bury it."

Bring a small bucket with a sealable lid, it makes a great human litter box! Use it also for your pee, toilet paper and dish water - then dump it into the porta-potty later. DO NOT put any thing else (like baby wipes, condoms, etc.) in the potties.

"If we smoke pot in our RV or tent, no one will know because we're out of view, and the cops can't see us."

IF THE COPS SMELL IT, YOU'RE BUSTED! A tent or RV is considered a private residence by law, and cops cannot enter or search them without probably cause. Unfortunately, being able to smell it is cause!
RV: Close the windows, or...
Tent: Blow it through a cardboard toilette roll stuffed with a fabric softener sheet.

"I need to earn some money for gas to Vegas, so I'll sell Ecstasy in Center Camp."

Don't sell drugs, trade them! Whatever you decide, do it inconspicuously in the privacy of your camp (out of view). Possession is one thing, but selling will greatly increase the penalty!

"Man, me and my buddies have been hurting for some hot babes. Let's fight over Who is Taking the Topless Girl back to their camp."

Okay now! There are plenty of women to go around. If you start a fight, you are just going to attract attention, and the cops will find some reason to check you over; Intoxicated? Flying high? Weapons? Plus, once you attract the authority, they'll be watching your camp like dust on the playa!

Mtn. Girl.

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