Safe Sex
By Larry Madill
Okay, ladies and gents, let's be bluntly honest with ourselves.

Part of the reason a lot of us are coming to Burning Man is to get laid. We come to the Playa to have a good time and seek out new and strange experiences to participate in. Exploring our own sexuality and sensuality is a natural part of this equation.

But, before you hop into the sleeping bag of the first hottie you see at Bianca's, please remember to practice safe sex. Always remember to wear a latex condom. The consistent and correct use of latex condoms helps reduce the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases. Latex condoms also reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, unwanted shotgun marriages, and unwanted child support payments.

Condoms are every one's responsiblity. Not just a guy's responsiblity, or a woman's responsibility. Condoms are every one's responsiblity!!!

Now, go and have fun! Play safe!

(FYI: You can buy condoms in the Empire General store, if you forgot. You did forget didn't you? See, this is why I'm here. To remind you of things like this.)

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