Polk, Pinch & Prober
Attorneys At Law

Specializing in all your Yahoo Lifestyle legal needs

  • Sexual Harassment, Rape and Divorce
  • Vehicular Manslaughter SUVs our specialty
  • Eviction of rent controlled seniors, minorities and the poor

Defending Yuppie Scum Since 1982
4111 Market Street, San Francisco, California, 94102

Black Rock Acres

Consumer Rehabilitation Center

The journey of recovery begins with just one step.
--Asking yourself if you really want to get well.--

At Black Rock Acres, we specialize in consumer and media related illnesses such as:

  • loss of imagination
  • the need to buy everything you see on TV
  • keeping up with the Jones's
  • believing everything you see
  • Greed
  • boring, purposeless existence of producing and consuming.

We can help you defeat your lemming like propensity to follow the group and fit in at all costs.

Come see us at BRA. There is more to life than buying stuff. Turn OFF YOUR TV. You CAN create your own reality that THEY will follow. We're here for you.

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