"How to Get Laid at Burning Man"

has been brought to by the
Burning Man Yahoo Education Services Project

(For a complete listing of editors, writers, free thinkers, drunks, stoners, and fire starters, see the last pages of this pamphlet for a better idea)!

!!! Participation at Burning Man is key !!!

How do you participate, you ask?
There are many different forms of participation

do something interesting
barter or exchange ideas
build a camp or art project
dress up or decorate your body
stop by camps interact and play with games

YOU are an individual, just express yourself and share your own gifts

participation is in the eye of the beholder

If you need some advice about how to participate, how to pick up chicks, drug etiquette, and ways to play it safe… keep flipping the pages and read on.

Just remember ………


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